Home Buying Tips from CEO Richard Wilkinson

Be Prepared: Get your loan approval done ahead of time. 

Drive the Neighborhood: When you find a house you want to put an offer in on, drive around the area to get a good feel for the neighborhood. See if it's right for you. 

Trust Your Realtor: If they tell you to increase your bid and you want the house- take their advice. 

Benefits to Home Ownership:

As a homeowner, you can lock in a predictable mortgage payment for as long as 30 years.

You don't have to worry about a landlord raising your rent. 

You ave an asset that can appreciate 100% in value over time. 

It's an investment!

It's a way to establish a financial foundation for your children. 

Tips on Saving for a Down Payment:

Transfer a FIXED AMOUNT into a savings account EVERY MONTH

Skip vacations for a year- SAVE THAT MONEY!
Pay off your HIGH INTEREST RATE credit cards

                Take care of your present, Take care of your future